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  • Congratulations on the Completion of the New Warehouse of SPL Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Publish time:2022/1/13 16:33:52

    On January 13, 2022, the completion ceremony of the new warehouse of SPL Logistics Co., Ltd. (SPL Logistics) was held at No. 9 Jingtian Road, Qiaolin Sub-district, Pukou District, Jiangsu Province. Leaders of Bondex Group (the Group), together with our honorable guests and partners attended the celebration.

    SPL Logistics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary held by Bondex Group, mainly serving Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and integrated circuit enterprises in surrounding areas as a bonded logistics distribution center for semiconductor equipment parts and materials. As the Nanjing Station of semiconductor BU of the Group's Industry Solutions Division, we aim to provide customized logistics solutions with the guidance of the Group’s one-stop management and service mode and the “customer first” spirit and support from the Group's resources. The bonded and non-bonded area of the new warehouse is 8000 square meters at present, and its expandable area is 10000 square meters. The establishment of new warehouse is not only a strategic choice for the development of SPL Logistics, but also the milestone and new starting point for its development.

    Ms. Ma Tiantian, general manager of semiconductor BU, said that the completion of the new warehouse was inseparable from the joint efforts and hard work of all staff and expressed the most sincere thanks and blessings to all employees of the company. SPL Logistics will contribute to the optimization of logistics management in the future and achieve a win-win situation under close cooperation with our clients.

    Mr. Li Qing, vice president of the Group, delivered a speech to express sincere thanks to the attendance of all guests and the support and guidance from them, including Qiaolin Sub-district, the Development Zone Management Committee, the local customs and our clients. He also said that the landing of the new warehouse is of great significance to SPL Logistics by adding power to its development. We will work hard and unswervingly.

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