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  • China-Europe(Neijiang-Moscow) freight trains:First Official Departure
    Publish time:2022/4/28 15:42:28

    On April 28th, initiated by Bondex, Train Sugar City made its first official departure at the Zizhong Railway Station of Neijiang City, Sichuan Province. From Neijiang to Moscow, it will take the train 14 days to cover the 8,500 km distance all the way west, which is filled with household appliances, daily necessities, consumer goods and other goods.

    Train Sugar City, one of China-Europe(Chengdu/Chongqing) freight trains, provides a safer and more convenient logistics line for local export enterprises. Products can go directly to Europe from "home", which will greatly reduce time and costs of logistics.

    The launch of the new line marks the opening of another strategic logistics channel directly connecting Sichuan Province to overseas market, which has also become an important carrier to turn location advantages into economic advantages, and channel convenience into channel economy. Making full use of advantages in air, sea, railway and other core logistics services, Bondex will grasp firmly the historic opportunity, participate actively in the construction of channel logistics system with wide radiation range, low circulation costs and high service efficiency, and provide professional logistics services for import and export enterprises in Neijiang and surrounding areas, contributing to construction of modern logistics.

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