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  • Talent Development

    Bondex recruits employees with excellent standards, motivates them with a fair mechanism, cultivates them with the concept of development to build a broad development platform for who work hard.

    Bondex insists on keeping employees by providing long-term career development opportunities. As long as the staff have a dream, willing to work hard, there are opportunities to develop. Employees are free and encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to run their own teams and business and gain more value by performance.

    Human Resources Mission: Converge growth strength to boost company development

    Human Resources Vision: To be reliable partners of employees and company        

    Learning and Growing

    We have established a clear career rank system and implemented a two-track career development channel in order to provide a multilevel career development path. Bondex Business School builds a cross-boundary exchange learning platform, carries out the "Eagle Project" and other diverse personnel training projects to strengthen the employees and make them become the top talents in the industry.

    Salary and Staff Welfare

    A competitive salary system, flexible and diverse welfare guarantee and considerate emotional care to enable the employees to work with pleasure and live with happiness.

    Communication Mechanism

    Every employee has the right to participate in the company affairs and make personal comments and suggestions. Daily work communication, performance feedback communication, employee satisfaction survey, president mailbox together with other channels enable each one to talk to their heart.    

    Work Environment

    We strive to create a warm, comfortable, respectful and harmonious working atmosphere, so that employees can enjoy the warmth while working.

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