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  • Customs Affairs Service

    Led by the cross-border trade customs affairs planning and enterprise customs credit system construction, and based on cloud computing and big data, we have created an enterprise-level intelligent customs ecosystem with intelligent customs clearance, intelligent control and intelligent interconnection, so as to improve our clients’ compliance level, and provide support in supply chain optimization.

    • Senior AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)
    • Vice Chairman of CCBA (China Customs Brokers Association)
    • China International Trade Single Window Standard Edition SAAS Partner


    • Providing cross-border end-to-end one-stop customs compliance solutions
    • Relying on the good news platform with independent intellectual property rights, we can provide customers with integrated customs clearance and port/territory inspection services
    • Relying on the self-developed e-account and internal customs management platform, we provide customers with value-added services such as pre-categorization, pre-ruling, AEO counseling, post-checking, compliance auditing

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