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  • Sea Freight Service

    With the three service systems of “advantageous freight rate, guaranteed shipping space and professional operation”, Bondex has signed contracts with several ship owners to provide customers with cross regional logistics solutions covering all major ports around the world, and provide one-stop comprehensive shipping services such as quick door-to-door quotation, online space booking, dynamic tracking and professional consulting.

    Liner Business

    • Cargo booking agent of 16 internationally renowned shipping companies
    • Competitive routes(Southeast Asia / Europe / Mediterranean Area / Middle East - Red Sea - India & Pakistan / Latin America / Africa Routes), abundant shipping space
    • Special container transportation solution planning
    • SOC Service: covering major ports of Europe, the United States, Canada and southeast Asia

    LCL Service

    • Professional & efficient team
    • Intelligent LCL warehouse, import and export unpacking and packing, goods transfer
    • Seamless data connection of LCL system and transparency in the whole process
    • Business covering the United States, Europe, southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, etc.

    NVOCC Service

    • NVOCC registered with the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China & The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in the United States
    • Member of WCA, CPN, and CCA
    • Core products: Asia-American channel, end-to-end one-stop service
    • Sea-rail, sea-air and other multimodal transport services empowering our clients' supply chains

    Import Service

    • Scheme planning and implementation for FCL import and domestic distribution
    • Import distribution from LCL
    • Professional and accurate door-to-door service
    • Customized door-to-door transportation scheme for equipment and large cargo

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