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  • Expo Logistics

    To satisfy individual needs of exhibitors domestically and overseas; We provide temporary import and export, customs clearance, ATA, professional packaging, warehouse to stand and other exhibition logistics program with a high demand for accuracy, security, and time sensitivity.

    Product Range

    • Domestic Large-Scale Exhibitions Transport
    • International Exhibition Transport
    • Sports Event Logistics
    • Performance event logistics
    • Large-Scale Activities and Artwork Logistics

    Service Cases

    • 2008 Olympic Game Sailing Regatta
    • Volvo Ocean Race
    • Youth Sailing World Championships 2017
    • World Expo 2010 Shanghai
    • International Horticultural Expo 2014 Qingdao
    • China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair)
    • China-Asean Expo
    • Heimtextil-International Trade Fair
    • National Hardware Show
    • Design Build
    • Rainbow over the Silk Road Show 2017

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